Proactive Dentistry

For A Lasting Smile

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Have you lost a tooth or are you in need of dentures after an accident? Don't let that smile fade away. Our experienced dental team will fit you for a partial or full set of dentures. We can handle everything, including fittings and replacements when you come to us.

Locally owned and operated

  • Denture fittings

  • Denture repairs

Denture services for you

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Makes you look good

  • Freedom to eat what you want

  • Easy to adjust

  • Fewer visits to dentist over time

Cosmetic dental service

Choose the expert to get you the right denture and don't take the risk of getting poorly fitted dentures. With our same day denture repair service, you can now have your partial or full set repaired in no time. We accept new patients and most insurance plans.

Professional service

Take care of your smile